Our event is aimed for classic two door sports- and GT cars, aka sports cars. If you have a classic you would like to bring to show, you are free to do so without invitation. Our guides at the gates will help you find a spot for your car on the grass.

If you are unsure whether your car is a fit for the event, you can contact the organizer Antti Wihanto by calling (+358)405519841 or by shooting an email to (

General guidelines for attending cars:

  • Older classics
    • <1980
    • Most attending cars are from 1940’s to 1970’s
  • Newer classics (“retro”, “modern classic”)
    • 1980’s – 1990’s
    • Use your discretion.
    • Not all cars are strictly “classic”, but rather rare or interesting in other ways
  • New sports cars/super cars
    • If you don’t have a classic, new sports cars are welcomed too, but they won’t be selected as part of the show competition
    • Newer cars are sometimes guided to a spot on the show field, if space allows

Gallery from previous years